We have rolled out our infrastructure in structured value chains as our path to growth and scale. This opportunity deepened during the COVID-19 period where we witnessed increased working capital needs in the supply chain of different verticals, with retailers needing affordable credit to fund inventory from wholesalers and distributors around Africa. This is why we have also partnered with merchants and wholesalers to provide working capital from lenders in our marketplace to finance this supply chain. We believe this is a trend that will continue in future, as more value chains are being aggregated and formalized in Africa.

Our partners provide access to a network of over 50,000 merchants in Kenya alone. These partners include but are not limited to:

  • Leading supply & retail marketplaces: Jumia, Twiga Foods, Taimba, Ajua (Formerly known as M-Survey)
  • Leading payments aggregators: iPay, Pesapoint/Pesatransact

Interested to partner with us? Reach out to us here