We are excited about the opportunity to grow our value proposition in the Ghana market. Through a grant award of $145,710 by UNCDF in June 2020, we have launched our fully tested crowdfunding model to reach underserved businesses in Ghana with access to affordable working capital. 

The formal sector MSME funding gap in Ghana is $5.0 billion according to World Bank figures and the potential demand from the informal sector is an additional $4.8 billion. Therefore, the need in Ghana for alternative solutions such as ours is clear.

As a starting point, we shall be providing financing to at least 1,000 MSMEs and on-boarding investors (local individuals, institutions and Ghanaian diaspora) interested in exposure to the Ghanaian MSME segment. The long term plan is to reach more than 50,000 MSMEs in Ghana alone in the next 3 years by enabling them with access to our digital financial products and services.

Learn more about our partnership with UNCDF here