As part of our fiduciary duty, these are the key measures we are taking as Pezesha on COVID-19 with our holistic digital financial infrastructure for MSMEs. More updates and resources coming soon as we continue to be the voice for millions of small businesses, the driving force of Kenya’s economy & GDP during this unprecedented time. #MSMEs #fintech #covid19 


1) FREE Financial Education to access useful knowledge and tips on managing COVID-19 crisis and safety measures

The outcomes of taking the Pezesha financial education as an SME/Individual are;

  • Improvement in business financial growth during and post COVID period
  • Debt stress management
  • Reduction in unnecessary costs and therefore an improvement in business efficiency
  • Increased likelihood of getting access to credit from lenders during the crisis period as you sharpen your credit history with financial education tips
  • Improved general business acumen
  • Improved financial health, wealth and prosperity


2) Access to affordable working capital

  • Kenya SMEs can access from here
  • Ghana SMEs can access from here
  • We have also provided access to supply chain & float financing through collaborative partnerships in the agriculture, manufacturing and FMCG value chains. i..e with Twiga Foods, Jumia, iPay  and Pesapoint among others.

3) We have also partnered with Google to offer SMEs a variety of tools and resources that can be accessed from the Google Hub.

If there is any other way we can support you as an SME, please reach out to us at