Post by Pezesha women (credits to Margie, Tekla, Tabitha, Fiona)

They say if you empower a woman, you have empowered the world. This couldn’t be any less true as Pezesha has endless tales of many such women who’ve been scored and loaned through our micro lending P2P marketplace. Our name says it all, which is a swahili acronym of “Pesa + Wezesha” to mean financial empowerment. Pezesha is a Peer to Peer marketplace that connects quality borrowers with lenders seeking a purposeful way to earn returns. We leverage on both conventional and unconventional data to build robust and contextual credit scores for our customers.

We pride in the fact that our loan products and marketplace have been of great benefit to many women to borrow responsibly with a long term view in mind. The impact is not only felt by our customers but also by the people around them. Out of our vast customer base, 80% are youthful women. Out of these, more than 60% have received credit scores that have qualified and graduated them to bigger loans to enhance their living standards and business growth.

Through our financial literacy program and lending activities, we have been able to successfully create more than 10,000 jobs for these women and our impact can only be truly expressed by the very women themselves:


“I was hawking shoes around my neighborhood when I first got a Ksh 3000 loan from Pezesha. After a series of borrowing, I have been able to get loans of higher amounts from my good credit score that continues to improve every time and Pezesha also gives me tips on how to improve my score. The loans have enabled me to increase my shoe business from 30 pieces to 80 pieces. I also opened up a new stall and my income has doubled. I can now comfortably pay school fees for my son.”

-Veronicah Masaa- 10 loans


“I started my green grocery business by preparing vegetables for my customers who needed them ready for cooking. I qualified for a loan with Pezesha which enabled me to purchase tomatoes as an additional product for my business.  Through subsequent loans with Pezesha, I am now able to buy 2-3 crates of tomatoes every week which I distribute to other small scale retailers around Kayole.”

-Mercy Kerubo Sereti- 11 loans

Women are at the very heart of Pezesha and we endeavour to keep empowering more of them by continuing to unlock the thousands of opportunities that lie in their propensity. In turn, our overall objective is to promote their sustainability and make the world a better place.

Our CEO Hilda Moraa, has also created equal opportunities for both men and women at the workplace. Pezesha’s 50% workforce is made up of young and capable women.

“If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.” – Margaret Thatcher