Our product roadmap has continued to evolve based on our customer & partner needs as the driving force. We have continued to prioritize innovation as part of our culture to remain relevant and ensure a sustainable business model.

On this note, we have launched two key features and APIs in our Pezesha marketplace product to drive our scale agenda;

On the SME side

We have built secure, robust, and scalable APIs to enable an end to end platform that our merchant/supply chain partners can integrate with their existing process/workflows within days for their merchants to access real-time credit scoring and inventory financing facilitated by Pezesha. This streamlined integration achieves win-win value for all stakeholders in the ecosystem

Merchant Process Flow

On the lender side;

We have now enabled flexibility for our lenders to further diversify their risk preference and access additional information on their portfolio performance by;

  • Choosing the partner/vertical they would want to invest in: once a lender chooses then Pezesha will automatically match them with the merchants of that partner and diversify their risk by spreading their investment to multiple debt notes
  • Portfolio loans report: Lenders can now access their borrower’s reports performance and understand their profiles in detail including their credit risk status.