Pezesha (meaning financial empowerment) celebrates women by being an avid supporter of women empowerment. Pezesha seeks to increase financial literacy in women by intentionally taking more women through the financial education program. The financial education program teaches women on budgeting, savings, responsible borrowing, debt management, and understanding their credit scores. The women are then able to obtain their credit scores, which indicate the loan amounts that they can proceed to get from Pezesha marketplace.

In 2018 World Bank revealed that over 200 million people in Africa are unbanked hence they are excluded from access to financial resources, with about 50% being women. Pezesha seeks to reduce this gap by being an inclusive lending platform. We achieve this by veering off from the traditional borrower-vetting system whose rigidity locked out several people from credit facilities. Instead, we use a wide scope of factors to validate a borrower’s ability to qualify for a loan. The use of M-pesa as a quantifier allows women who run small and medium enterprises to qualify for various loans in accordance to their spending and savings track record. Additionally, Pezesha facilitates accessibility through cross platforms i.e. the Pezesha app, web, USSD and the SMS service, which means that all customers including women and low income earners are included in our financial services.

The inclusivity of Pezesha has empowered women financially by providing them with loans to start and grow their businesses. The growth potential of Pezesha loans means that the more loans a woman borrows responsibly and repays diligently, the higher their loan range gets hence making it possible for them to borrow higher amounts as their business grows.

Pezesha finds joy in seeing women succeed financially, which is evident from their individual testimonies:

“I was hawking shoes around my neighborhood when I first got a Ksh 3000 loan from Pezesha. After a series of borrowing, I have been able to get loans of higher amounts from my good credit score that continues to improve every time and Pezesha also gives me tips on how to improve my score. The loans have enabled me to increase my shoe business from 30 pieces to 80 pieces. I also opened up a new stall and my income has doubled. I can now comfortably pay school fees for my son.” Veronicah from Kibera. 

“I got separated from my husband and I wasn’t sure that I would comfortably fend for my children. Pezesha made it possible for me to expand my business from just boiling maize to owning my own potato chips business which gives me enough income to educate my children and pay for my rent.” Ruth from Limuru.

“Having started with a loan of Ksh 3000/- , I made sure that I made my Installments on time and over time, I was able to move my mtumba business from Gikomba to Githurai where I have more customers and have expanded my mtumba business to selling hair products. Thanks to Pezesha.” Mary, Umoja

We celebrate Pezesha young women in the team (comprising of 42% of the total talent at Pezesha) working so hard to bring the best customer service, choice, hope and equality to all our customers. Leanne, Staisy, Maureen, Mildred, Njambi, and at the helm of it all our CEO & Founder, Hilda Moraa. 

“At Pezesha we are financially including the entire household, by changing the lives of one woman at a time through our financial education and affordable financial services for them to grow up the Pezesha ladder” Hilda Moraa, Pezesha CEO

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