I am pleased to present our financial education curriculum for 2018 to you.

Pezesha Africa Limited (“Pezesha”) is an online marketplace that leverages on alternative data and financial education to empower individuals by connecting them with lenders offering affordable financial services. Our flagship service is Patascore, which encompasses the financial education and credit scoring aspects of our business.

Financial education is critical for us and society, as we seek to empower the less privileged, to enable them make better financial decisions. While the importance of financial education cannot be overstated, we at Pezesha strongly believe it is important for the following reasons:

  1. Financial terms can sometimes be complex. These need to be simplified so anyone can understand
  2. Individuals must be able to make better financial decisions for themselves to help them on the long run, even as they work towards retirement
  3. Predatory lending is on the rise. People need to be educated on how to avoid unproductive debt which can lead to bankruptcy
  4. The impact of a financially educated person also benefits his/her family, which leads to a better society overall

This curriculum has been prepared using data that we have gathered from several months of engaging with communities, and interacting with over 20,000 individuals, and covers the topics outlined below.

1 An Introduction to Financial Education – The Basic Building Blocks
2 Maximizing your Income for the long term
3 Savings and Investment: Why you should pay yourself first
4 Budgeting and Planning: Spending your money wisely
5 Wise borrowing and effective debt management
6 Understanding your credit score and how to improve it
7 Responsible Money Management: Dealing with Gambling, Ponzi Schemes and other vices

Our mission is to see a world where everyone is equipped with adequate knowledge, to make sound and robust financial decisions. Join us in making that happen today.

Hilda Moraa, CEO (Pezesha/Patascore)

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